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Thanks for your interest in getting people healthier!  Please fill out the below form.  Keep an eye out for an email from us within the next week.  If you haven't heard back, check your Spam or Junk folders.

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Submit your request

Thanks for your interest in Recycle Health!  We look forward to working with you.  The first step in requesting devices is completing the below form.  Keep an eye out for a follow-up email from us within two weeks (usually earlier than that) to schedule a call.  At this time we only work with organizations.  We don't send out devices to individuals.

We are a 100% volunteer-run organization. Are you able to reimburse us for shipping costs?
We offer a program that allows people who donate their devices to be told the organization where their device was sent. Are you amenable to us telling donators their device ended up at your organization? This program is completely voluntary.

Thanks for submitting!  You should receive an email confirming your submission (check your spam/junk if you don't see it).  We'll be in touch shortly to schedule a follow-up call.  If you don't hear from us within two weeks please feel free to reach out.

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