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If you've thought it, chances are somebody else has already asked!  Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

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  • How do I get a tax receipt for my donation?
    Tax receipts are attached to this question. They're also at the bottom of the Donate Your Device page.
  • What device manufacturers do you accept?
    We'll accept pretty much everything but we prefer Fitbits, Garmins or Polars. We do not accept devices from manufacturers that are no longer in business, require a paid subscription or are part of a company including but not limited to: Jawbone Misfit Whoop Motiv Ring Spire Virgin Pulse devices
  • Do you have a mailing label I can download?
    We sure do! We have both a label you can tape to your box as well as an insert to include with your device in the package. You can get the mailing label at the bottom of the Donate Your Device page.
  • Will you let me know when you've received my device(s)?
    Based on the volume of devices we receive, we can't provide notice that we've received your device.
  • Do you have a prepaid label I can use?
    We don't offer a prepaid mailing option at this time. Maybe someday when we have more money than we know what to do with. Fortunately it's pretty inexpensive for you to send us your device. A copy of a mailing label is available below and also at the bottom of the Donate Your Device page.
  • What's your mailing address?
    Our mailing address is PO Box 509, Natick, MA 01760
  • Is there criteria for the devices you accept?
    Our goal is to provide devices to others that are still in good working order. We don't refurbish devices. There's some criteria we apply before accepting devices. Please do not send us devices that have the following: Screen is cracked. Screen doesn’t light up or is very dim (even if still connects to app) Device can’t hold a charge for a full day Device can’t hold a wrist strap because connector is broken on device Broken wrist strap (applies to devices that don’t allow for easy switch out of straps) We don't accept devices from manufacturers that are no longer in business, require a connection to a pay app, or are associated with specific businesses, such as Orange Theory or Virgin Pulse. Thanks for your understanding in providing the best devices we can to underserved populations.
  • The screen on my device is cracked or broken. Can I still send it in?
    Our goal is to provide working devices in good condition to those who can't normally afford them. We don't have the ability to fix screens, so please do not send us your device with a cracked or broken screen.
  • The screen on the device is very dim but it still connects to its app. Can I still send it in?
    No, the screen must still light up and work as intended.
  • My device is broken but I have extra chargers and/or bands. Could I send those?
    Yes please! We welcome any extra chargers but we would prefer it if you only send in unused bands.
  • My device works fine but it needs a new strap. Can I send it in?
    If your device has a strap that can be easily removed (e.g., Fitbits, Apple watches, some other devices), then we could probably still use it. If you're sending in a device or watch and the strap can't be switched out then we won't be able to use the device. Here is an example of a device we can't use. As you can see, the band is unusable and as a result we can't donate this device to another program.
  • My Fitbit works fine but the part that attaches the wrist strap/band is broken. Can you repair it?
    No, we can't repair any devices. If your Fitbit is broken in a way that the wrist strap won't stay connected to the device, we can't re-use your Fitbit.
  • I'd like to request devices for my organization. What do I need to do?
    There is too main criteria for requesting: 1) You need to be a non-profit (no for-profit companies please). 2) You need to have a program. It's okay if the program is a pilot or is new, but you must have some kind of program that has goals. If you meet those two criteria, then go to our Request Devices section of the website and submit your request!
  • What kind of organizations can request devices?
    We receive requests from many different organizations who support a wide-range of populations. The main criteria for organizations is you cannot be a for-profit organization. Beyond that, as long as you have an established or are in the process of establishing a program, we're happy to evaluate your request. If you're not sure, feel free to apply anyway.
  • Can individuals request devices?
    At this point we generally only donate to organizations that have a program in place.
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