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We're excited about this program.  This page is intended to answer all of your questions before you donate.

Smart Watches

What to Know About the Follow your Device Program

Thanks for your interest in this program.  It's a new initiative we launched in the Fall of 2023 as a fundraising initiative.  It's a fun way to share some visibility into what happens after we receive a device in the mail. Here's some helpful information to know before you send in your device:

  1. Devices need to meet our criteria as outlined in the Donate Your Device page.  If your device doesn't meet the criteria, then it will be recycled (we bring all unusable devices to Staples).

  2. We can't provide a specific timeframe on when your device will be sent out.  Please give us a minimum of eight weeks before checking in with us.  That being said, the most frequent type of devices we send out are Fitbits, specifically the following models: Alta, Alta HR, Charge 2 and higher, all Versa models, Sense, Inspire HR and Inspire 2.  If you send us a Fitbit model other than this list or a non-Fitbit model, then it may be some time before your device gets sent out (if at all).

  3. The name and address information provided on the package must match the address submitted in the form below. If your package has no name or address on it, then we can't match it to your donation.

  4. It's up to the organization to give permission for us to let you know they received your device.

  5. Please do not contact us before eight weeks to confirm we've received your device.

  6. All donations are final.

Still with us? Great!  Please complete the form below, make your donation and know that we're very grateful!

Follow Your Device

Would you like to know where you device ends up?  Donate $50 and we'll keep you posted!*

*Check out the Follow Your Device section of the FAQ for answers to your questions.

We are excited about your interest in this program.  

Select an item ($)

Thanks for your donation! Please keep an eye out for an email with your receipt.

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