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We appreciate your commitment to giving your device a new life to someone else.  Please carefully read this page before sending in your device.  We also encourage you to check out our Follow Your Device program!


What to know before you send in your device

Thanks for your interest in donating your device to Recycle Health.  Your donation will give the gift of activity tracking to someone else and will keep your e-device out of landfills.  We call that a win-win! 


However, not all devices are created equal.  We do amazing things at Recycle Health, but we don't refurbish devices.  Our goal is to re-distribute still-functioning devices. Before donating your device, ask yourself: "Would I still use this device?"  Not sure what we mean?  Please review this checklist:

Screen isn't cracked

Is the screen cracked?  Is it really noticeable?  If yes, please don't send it in.  We can't replace cracked screens.

Band isn't broken

This is an issue for devices where the band isn't easily interchangeable (generally Garmins and Polars).  If the band is ripped in half and unuseable, we can't accept the device.

Screen still lights up/functions

Can you see what is on the screen or is it really dim/doesn't work at all?  If it's too dim to see well or doesn't light up at all, please don't send it in. We don't have the ability to repair screens that don't work.

Device holds a band

This is for any device where you can switch out the band. If the band doesn't stay connected to the device, we won't accept your device.

Device can hold a charge for at least 24 hours

Does the charge on your device last more than a day?  If so, feel free to send it in.  If not, we can't accept it.

Have Charger for Device (non-Fitbits)

We have a lot of extra Fitbit chargers.  We don't have extra chargers for Garmins or Polars.  If you don't have the charger (and it's not battery operated), we can't accept the device.

If your device doesn't meet the above criteria, we encourage you to bring it to a store that accepts e-recycling or search out an e-recycling event in your community!  If your device DOES meet the above criteria, consider donating to our Follow Your Device campaign!

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